Decorating Ideas for Your Lime Green Apartment Bedroom

Decorating Ideas for Your Lime Green Apartment Bedroom Posted by under Green Apartment

Lime green can be considered amongst vibrant, bright colors which are normally associated with fun and summertime. You can have a complete room in lime green if you’re looking to have that much of zest, or you can simply be able to sprinkle the color in small amounts all through the rooms of your apartments in San Antonio to create a bigger impact. Your feminine room can be accentuated with the shade of bright green with contemporary or retro theme. The lime green color can prove to be a perfect choice for the nurseries, teens’ rooms, kids’ rooms or the adult rooms if it is enjoyed by the inhabitant.

You can make lime green to be your room’s main color while getting surrounded by the complementary colors. It can also be used as accent color which adds interest and impact to different other colors that you have used in the bedroom of your apartments San Antonio. Color combinations that are commonly used can include hot pink and lime green for your feisty teen; you can also go for sky blue and lime green for getting relaxing and tropical vibe. Purple and lime green can be a good choice for baby’s nursery, teen’s room, child’s room or your guest room. Interest should be sparked in the room that may neutral otherwise by incorporating accessories in lime green. Lime green can be complemented by bright yellow, even though the combination might get too bright for your room. The black & white schemes can offer perfect backdrop for making lime green stand out – even against backgrounds with patterns like zebra print, stripes or the polka dots.

If the bedroom of your san Antonio apartments is used majorly for sleeping and relaxing, painting walls in lime green can become too much to go in your bedroom. You can tone the color down by opting to paint just one wall with lime green to serve as accent wall. Alternately, you can even think about incorporating some pattern. For instance, green can be balanced with turquoise or polka dots or stripes in sky blue. You can paint polka dots in green as well as white colors on a wall in chocolate brown color. It can also be a good idea if bold patterns are incorporated with some removable wall decals in case if you often change the mind, allowing yourself the freedom of not having to repaint your room too often.

Light furniture with natural wood or white tones will be helpful in creating coastal look for your lime green bedroom or for toning down your hot pink or lime green room. If you want to give a more modern look to your bedroom then you can use furniture in chocolate brown color with neutral palette with a touch of the lime green color. Black furniture can be good to go in different color schemes – in case if you like changing things too often – and offers perfect balance to have in your white, black and the lime green bedroom.