What Furniture Should Go In Your Small Apartment Bedroom?

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It is always desirable to have conventional bedroom that features everything including nightstands, dressers, large beds and drawer chests. But there are many who simply cannot afford to have such luxury in their small apartment bedrooms where floor space is quite limited. So, it is always advisable to select furniture options which minimize the floor space usage in order to make sure that you have an airy and light bedroom.

More often than not, beds are the largest furniture pieces in any bedroom. If the room is being shared by your kids, most of the floor space gets consumed to accommodate their beds. A space saving option that often proves to be effective is to make use of trundle beds or bunk beds. You might be aware that bunk beds aren’t anything except a couple of twin beds which are stacked one above the other. On the other hand, trundle beds are just twin beds having extra hidden twin mattress underneath the bed’s frame. Both these options can save considerable amount of space. However, in case if you’re looking to create the illusion of a larger space, trundle bed can serve as the ideal choice for you as it takes less space visually.

Nightstands are known or adding more bulk in your rooms than it is necessary. Basically, nightstands host the alarm clocks, a lamp and the books that you may read during the night time; drawers are not used in most of the cases. You can free up some of your floor space, eliminating all visual bulk created because of these nightstand, by getting rid of the nightstand and adding shelves to the small bedrooms of your san Antonio apartments. It is always advisable to select the shelves that are about 1-2 ft. long and they should be mounted on the wall at tabletop level.  Once done, all you are left with now is to put the lamp, alarm clock, and the book on the shelf which serves as your new nightstand.

In order to make your bedroom of small rental apartments look more spacious, you need to get rid of all clutter present in the bedroom. You don’t need to have big dresser as well as the drawer chest inside the bedroom, especially when space is at premium. In fact, drawer chest is enough to serve the required purpose. The large dresser should be eliminated easily if you can get rid of any off-season clothes while putting remaining clothes in some closet. Vacuum-seal bag should be used for storage purposes where you can put all the off-season clothes to hide them under the bed. All your remaining clothing should then be transferred from dresser to the closet. If there isn’t sufficient hanging space available, install shelves right above the closet rod, putting all clothes on shelves after folding them neatly.