What Storage Options Can You Have In Your Small Bedrooms?

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Small bedrooms often come up with comfort and can be easily kept clean, but there is a distinct demerit of these small spaces when it’s about storage space. Thinking somewhat innovatively can be a source of solving your bedroom storage problems in small spaces. Replacing your conventional bed with loft bed while placing your desk or wardrobe underneath can seriously save space, however, you can have some less dramatic options for making some storage in the small bedrooms of your apartment.

When you are looking for storage options that can be perfect for your small bedrooms, it is important that you start thinking vertically. The reason for this is that there isn’t much floor space available for storage units to be placed. Bed head which can incorporate the shelving can turn out to be ideal choice for making use of space available above your bed, which goes overlooked more often. Extended shelving over bed head can be helpful in creating shelving units alongside entire bed wall and proves to be an innovative choice to create enough storage space, particularly for books, in your small bedroom of san Antonio apartments.

Shelving units that are mounted on the walls help in keeping your space feel open, while allowing you to have storage options at the same time as well. The items which are not used on daily basis, like off-season clothing, extra bedding, sporting gear or photo albums, should go on high-set shelves, because they cannot be noticed too easily above the head height as compared to shelving that is at your eye level.

When you are living in small apartments in san Antonio, any space underneath your bed can be a perfect choice to store different items like bedding, shoes, DVD or CD collections as well as other knick-knacks. Storage bins with wheels, baskets or the storage crates offer perfect storage containers when it is about the space beneath your bed. When you put valance on your bed, you’re allowed to hide these storage containers below it, or there is the option of buying a bed that comes with built-in storage beneath it.

You can also go for hanging shelves if you are in need of some movable storage within your small bedroom. Most of the hanging shelving units have fabric shelves which can be attached to some hook behind your bedroom’s door, suspended from ceiling or hooked over some hanging pole inside the closet. Hanging shelves can be a great choice for organizing different items such as scarves, socks, underwear, and neck ties, etc.

Windows are often a source of storage problems because you face all the difficulties in placing any storage units such as shelves or tall boys on the walls that have windows. You can make use of window boxes for getting rid of this problem and creating as much hidden storage as you would like in your apartments San Antonio.